Songs of America's Freedoms

Songs of America's Freedoms

"Constitution and Bill of Rights in Song"

Learn about the Freedoms guaranteed to all American citizens by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Perfect for elementary students, school assemblies, and those taking the exam for U.S. citizenship.

Additional 31 page Teachers Guide is available with all song lyrics, student test and comprehensive class program guide for school assemblies & plays, available in a PDF format for you to print and use.

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Songs of America's Freedoms
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Ron Mann, Director/Deputy Director of The Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States during presidency of President Ronald Reagan, sent this note to Sue Dickson about her Song of America's Freedoms Curriculum and Play:

Sue, Thank you for sending the audio of your America's Constitutional Freedoms play. It is outstanding -You were inspired in your creation of it. Give the children and teachers my congratulations on a job well done! The enclosed U.S. Constitution booklets are for each of them.

With warm regards, Ron Mann