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🎶 Who we are
Sue Dickson has written songs to teach Reading, Math, Science & Social Studies.

Her Sing, Spell, Read & Write is a research-based, multisensory, and sequenced language arts program that uses songs and games to take non-readers and struggling readers to independent reading ability.

Sing, Spell, Read & Write programs are available for learners of all ages, Preschool to Adults. Her newest program, Winning Reading Boost, written in collaboration with the University of Florida, is designed for non-readers and struggling readers in grades 2 and up.

With decades of success for students around the world, including English Language learners, Sue's reading programs teach reading, fluency and comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and handwriting in a unified approach. The songs and games help to reinforce the skills and make the learning fun.

Students of any age can quickly master the basic addition and subtraction math facts and the multiplication and division facts with songs and a DVD to see and hear which makes the memorization simple!

Sing while learning the presidents, inventors and their inventions, and the Declaration of Independence. Valuable lessons that will last a lifetime!

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🎵 How we can Help
Rhyme, rhythm and repetition in songs from Song’s that Teach make all learning easy and fun.

Teaching non-readers and beginning readers to become fluent, independent readers is so simple when using Sue’s Songs.

Memorization of math facts is magic when singing. Students report the Presidents Song they learned in elementary school has helped them later in life to pass a college test!

These great songs are now available in digital where you can see it and hear it! Mastery magic that lasts a lifetime.

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Sue Dickson’s time tested Sing, Spell, Read & Write Curriculums can help you help each of your students succeed. But, don’t take our word for it—see what your peers have to say about how Sing, Spell, Read & Write Curriculums partners with them to deliver student success.