Musical Math Facts Level 2

"Multiplication and Division Made Easy With Songs"

Music makes mastering the basic Multiplication facts a snap using catch songs on a CD/DVD. Put away those flash cards – Music Math Facts 2 for Multiplication and Division allows students to master the facts in no time.

Laminated student book pages correlate with songs and allow for repeated practices. A step-by-step teacher’s manual is included.

The Musical Math Facts Base KIT Includes:

  • Teacher Manual, 53 pp.
  • “Forever” Student Books, 33 pp., spiral bound with heavy duty durable pages and plastic sheets to use for answers with dry erase pen;
  • bag of plastic bingo chips for the “proving ground” pages
  • Video DVD with 14 animated math songs and featuring “Marvin the Marvelous Math Monkey.

Watch to a sample from the Dvd!

The Musical Math Facts Homeschool KIT Includes:

  • Base Kit +
  • reusable workbook and supplies for 1 Student

The Musical Math Facts Classroom KIT Includes:

  • Base Kit +
  • reusable workbook and supplies for 10 Students

Listen to Samples from the CD!

Download single tracks from cdBaby!

Musical Math is a great adjunct to your Math Curriculum. It helps with counting, number sense and all the facts in with age-appropriate rhyming songs. It engages all students easily because it's fun. This is a gem of a program and ought to be in every classroom as a great resource. I produced and directed an entire play with this Math program - whereby my students sang and danced all their facts for their peers. It was a great way to show off all that they know and have fun at the same time.

Christine D'Amico

NYC Public School Teacher