Sing, Spell, Read & Write
The Grand Tour

Grand Tour I

Pack your bag, get on the bus, the Great Grand Tour is ready for us! Designed for students who have mastered the 36 steps of the Level 1 program, the emphasis is on reading as a means to learning.

The Grand Tour, Levels 2 & 3 take students on a Cross-Country tour of the U.S.A. Students are introduced to different states, cultures and communities across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The program includes 53 informational storybooks that introduce students to exciting places, interesting and important people and many of the spectacular, natural wonders of North America designed around a "Grand Tour" theme.

The two-pack CD of songs will delight students as they travel. There are two teacher's manuals and two consumable student books.

Reading, Writing, Cursive, Spelling, Grammar and Comprehension are integrated with social studies as students tour.

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  1. Grand Tour Wall Chart with Tour Bus Stick-Ons
  2. a complete set of Level 1 copyright 1998 Phonics Charts and related Manipulatives
  3. 5 Phonics Games
  4. A-Z Manuscript and Cursive Wall Cards
  5. Quick Placement Test
  6. Grand Tour 1 and Grand Tour II Student Books
  7. Assessment Booklets w/ Answer Keys
  8. level 2 Grand Tour Storybooks (17 titles)
  9. Teacher’s Manual for Language Arts
  10. Teacher’s Manual for Reading
  11. Manuscript/Cursive Desk Strips
  12. Level 1 Copyright 1998 Phonics Song CD
  13. Grand Tour CD
  14. Dry-Erase Markers and Eraser, Treasure Chest w/ Prizes

Grand Tour II

Students Read-To-Learn while taking an imaginary “tour” of the states on the southern and eastern borders of the United States, at the same time mastering language arts skills and geography!

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Packed with Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches, Decoding Games, Spelling Codes, Matching Games, Short Stories, Riddles, Fill-in-the-Blank, and Connected Writing activities, our Grand Tour student texts are so much fun students won’t even think of them as school work! With Grand Tour I and II, children learn English grammar, build a powerful 1,440-word spelling vocabulary, and have opportunities to transition from manuscript to cursive writing.