Sing, Spell, Read & Write
Pre-k Readiness

This Pre-K program helps preschool children develop the readiness and early literacy skills they need using developmentally appropriate activities. It combines sing-along songs and movement in a creative, non- threatening learning environment while engaging all learning styles.

The Jolly Trolley Chart lets students track their progress as they start out at Readiness Lane and progress on to Alphabet Lane through the sequence of skills and activities taught in the program. In Readiness Lane students learn to identify colors, Math readiness uses songs to teach students to recognize numbers and associate them with concepts, count to 10, and introduce telling time with a clock.

A step-by-step teacher's manual provides detailed lesson plans and multisensory activities to help students develop the readiness skills. The CD contains all of the songs used in the Pre-K program. Special activities for English -Language learners are included as part of the core instruction.

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Start Your Preschooler(s) on the Right Road to Reading Readiness

  • Jolly Trolley Scope and Sequence Chart and Jolly Trolley Stick-On
  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Teacher Training DVD
  • Songs CD
  • A-Z Phonics Song Cards
  • A-Z Manuscript Wall Cards
  • Jolly Trolley Placemats
  • Activity Sheets
  • Alph-O Game Cards
  • 5 sets of Alph-O Puzzles
  • ABC/Number Line Desk Strips
  • Clock Manipulative
  • Shoe Tying Manipulative
  • Counting Sticks and Award Stickers (24 each of 14 designs)