Winning Reading Boost

"A multifaceted, multimodal learning experience for children"

Winning Reading Boost is Sue Dickson’s most recent program done in partnership with the University of Florida. It designed for students in 2nd grade and up who have not attained literacy success in school.

It is an intervention for struggling readers that builds fluency and reading independence through a unique 36-step learn to-read curriculum built on carefully sequenced, systematic, and explicit phonics instruction that uses interactive sing along phonics songs and games that make learning to read fun and meaningful.

Winning Reading Boost combines the best teaching practices supported by research on language acquisition and reading to ensure individual student success through its use of a multisensory, multimodal approach that requires total participation from learners.

The program incorporates, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and oral language development through its instructional lessons. Students gain confidence as they are able to be successful when applying their new skills in context with both fiction and non-fiction texts.

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